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Ukraine: As war drags on, independent media continue to adapt

Deutsch With the Russian invasion bogged down in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian media outlets continue to adjust to the new reality of the war. From frontline coverage to new methods of raising revenues, the war has presented independent media with unprecedented challenges.  As Russia consolidates gains in Ukraine’s east, Russian disinformation and propaganda campaigns seek to […]

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Ukraine: Während sich der Krieg hinzieht, passen sich unabhängige Medien weiter an

Read in English Weil die russische Invasion in der Ostukraine festgefahren ist, passen sich die ukrainischen Medien an die neue Realität des Krieges an. Von der Berichterstattung an vorderster Front bis hin zu neuen Wegen zur Steigerung der Einnahmen hat der Krieg unabhängige Medien vor beispiellose Herausforderungen gestellt. Während Russland seine Gewinne im Osten der […]

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Independent Czech media collaborate to challenge oligarch-owned publishers (HlidaciPes)

This piece is published in collaboration with HlidaciPes as part of a content series on threats to independent media in Central Europe. Read more. Independent media are the fourth pillar of democracy; without them, the system will collapse sooner or later. And this means they must be truly free. In the Czech Republic, the role of […]

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Pakistan: Journalist Ishtiaq Sodharo killed

The IPI global network is deeply concerned about the escalation of violence against journalists in Pakistan, after two reporters were killed and another journalist was assaulted in separate incidents in the span of a week. IPI calls for an immediate and independent investigation in order to determine the motive for this killing and to prosecute […]

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