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#70YearsIPI: Eleni Vlachou: “We would never accept to be told what to publish”

On April 21, 1967, in Greece, a group of right-wing army officers seized power in a coup d’état establishing a seven-year-long dictatorship. After its rise to power, the ruling military junta introduced a new censorship policy, aiming to bend the media to its will. For IPI member Helena Vlachos, the response was clear: she immediately […]

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EU and Member States must create safe environment for journalists reporting in Greece

Download the joint statement Physical attacks, online harassment and censorship: In recent days, media freedom organisations have shed light on threats against journalists reporting on the arrival of migrants into Greece. These attacks are taking place in a context of violence against migrants and those supporting them, such as NGOs and self-organised groups. They restrict […]

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IJ4EU: When the state fails abused children

Every now and then cases of child abuse make the news. While the publicity lasts, these stories horrify and disturb people. But these cases often fall into oblivion, even after a week. The Manifold, a team of five journalists from Greece and Cyprus, wanted to find out what happens to children when the scandal around […]

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Online harassment brings special risks for freelance journalists

Greek freelance journalist Anthi Pazianou found herself in the middle of an online abuse campaign in September after the leader of an extreme right-wing movement posted a photo of Pazianou with a refugee football team whose story she had recently covered along with other refugee-related issues on the Greek island of Lesbos. The post, which […]

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