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In Greece, unemployed journalist followed instinct to jump-start career

Christmas of 2014 found Antonis Repanas, a well-known and respected sports journalist in Thessaloniki, Greece, facing a dead end. He had just been fired by one of the biggest national newspapers in Greece, Ta Nea. Making matters worse, Thessaloniki’s media industry had been hit hard: there were hardly any serious opportunities for a professional journalist. […]

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Greece’s second city faces life without major local daily

Zur deutschen Version On the morning of Oct. 4, 2017, the one million residents of Thessaloniki, Greece, woke up in a city without a major local daily newspaper. The night before, the storied newspaper Makedonia and its weekly edition, Thessaloniki, had closed down after a long, dark period of conflict between the paper’s staff and […]

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Zweitgrößte Stadt Griechenlands ohne bedeutende lokale Tageszeitung

Read in English Am Morgen des 4. Oktober 2017 wachten die eine Million Einwohner von Thessaloniki, Griechenland, in einer Stadt ohne große lokale Tageszeitung auf. In der Nacht davor stellte die renommierte Zeitung Makedonia samt ihres Wochenblattes, Thessaloniki, nach einer langen, dunklen Periode des Konfliktes zwischen den Angestellten der Zeitung und dem Management um unbezahlte […]

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Greek film critic waits 13 years to win insult case

Greek journalist Dimitris Danikas is well-known for his long career as a film critic for various media. What is less widely known about him is his patience and persistence: it took him almost 13 years to finally claim victory in an insult lawsuit against him. The thought of giving up never crossed his mind, Danikas […]

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