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Letter: IPI/SEEMO alarmed about the recent assault on sports journalist in Greece

H.E. Jorgos Voulgarakis Minister of Public Order Athens, Greece Fax: +30 210 691 2661, +30 210 692 0487, +30 210 692 9764 H.E. Jorgos Orfanos Derputy Minister of Culture (responsible for Sports) Athens, Greece Fax:+30 210 820 1373, +30 210 324 6085, +30 210 322 8831 Vienna, 3 October 2005 Your Excellencies, The Vienna-based South […]

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Letter: IPI concerned about Greek authorities increased use of prison sentences to punish journalists

H. E Victor Klima Federal Chancellor of Austria Presidency of the Council of the European Union Vienna Republic of Austria Vienna, 10 December 1998 Your Excellency, The International Press Institute, the global network of editors and media executives dedicated to protecting and furthering freedom of the press, is deeply concerned about the Greek authorities’ escalating […]

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Letter: IPI concerned about proposed criminalisation of libel laws in Greece

H. E. Konstantinos Simitis Prime Minister of Greece Athens Greece Vienna, 24 August 1998 Your Excellency The International Press Institute (IPI) is most concerned about proposed legislation that would make broadcasting “slanderous and insulting matter” a criminal offence in Greece. Under the legislation, proposed 18 August by Justice Minister Evangelos Yannopoulos, existing slander and libel […]

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