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In EU, calls to repeal blasphemy laws grow after Paris attacks

Calls in Europe for the abolition of the continent’s remaining blasphemy laws have grown louder following last week’s deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine known for its unsparing religious satire. At least 14 EU member states maintain criminal blasphemy or religious insult laws, according to research led by the International Press Institute (IPI). […]

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Danish reporters face trial over bacteria story

The International Press Institute (IPI) today expressed concern over pending criminal charges against two Danish journalists who say Denmark may be losing the fight against the spread of a strain of drug-resistant bacteria. Sweden’s Göteborgs-Posten reported, in an article posted in English by the Global Investigative Journalism Network, that Nils Mulvad and Kjeld Hansen of […]

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IPI urges Danish lawmakers to withdraw changes to public information law

The International Press Institute (IPI) has urged the prime minister of Denmark to withdraw two measures that would restrict voters’ access to information connected to the law-making process. The controversial proposals, part of a revision of Denmark’s public information law currently before parliament, would “prevent journalists from giving voters the information they need to ensure […]

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Five arrested in Denmark over alleged plot to attack newspaper building

Five people have been arrested in Denmark on suspicion of planning to kill as many people as possible in a building housing a Danish newspaper that in 2005 published cartoons of Prophet Mohammed that outraged Muslims across the world, Reuters reported on Wednesday. “It is our assessment that this is a militant Islamist group and […]

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