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Russia: Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd blocked as state media regulator goes into censorship overdrive

The IPI global network today urges Russian regulatory and government authorities to immediately reverse the decision to remove two of the country’s last remaining independent broadcasters from the airwaves and to halt the censorship of media reporting on the reality of the war in Ukraine. On March 1, Russia’s general prosecutor’s office ordered the country’s […]

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Greece: Journalists targeted in several SLAPP lawsuits

The IPI global network condemns the string of recent SLAPP lawsuits by multinational companies and executives that have targeted independent journalists in Greece. IPI urges Greek authorities to prioritize creating anti-SLAPP legislation. In recent months, multiple journalists and media outlets in Greece have become targets of Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) brought by multinational […]

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Haitian journalist killed while reporting on protest

The IPI global network of leading editors and journalists strongly condemn the killing of Haitian journalist Maximilien Lazard by police while reporting on protests in the country on February 23. IPI calls on Haitian authorities to ensure swift accountability for Lazard’s killing and ensure the safety of journalists covering demonstrations. Lazard, a photojournalist from the […]

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Russia: IPI condemns move to criminalize “false information” on armed forces

The IPI global network today expresses severe concerns over a move by the Russian State Duma to develop a bill which would see journalists potentially imprisoned for publishing “false information” about the country’s armed forces. Under the bill, the development of which was approved by chairman of the State Duma on February 28, anyone found […]

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