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Mexico most deadly country for journalists in 2017

Mexico was the deadliest country for journalists in 2017 with at least 14* killed, edging out Iraq and Syria, even as the total number who died around the world in connection with their work dropped to its lowest level in a nearly a decade, the International Press Institute (IPI) said today. IPI has added 82 […]

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Secrets of a giant

Lea en español Brazil is booming. Latin America’s largest and most populous nation recently surpassed the United Kingdom to become the world’s sixth-largest economy – and is projected to move up one more spot by the end of 2012. Oil production has skyrocketed, while poverty has hit historic lows.  The country will host both the […]

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Brazilian journalist murdered, daughter of Honduran TV commentator killed in tragic week for press in Latin America

Brazilian radio director and producer Jose Givonaldo Vieira was killed by unidentified gunmen on 14 December in Bezerros, in northeastern Pernambuco state, according to reports. Vieira owned the newspaper Folha do Agreste and hosted a cultural program on Rádio Bezerros FM, a station operated by the paper, media reports said. Three men intercepted Vieira’s car […]

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Brazilian crime reporter killed in revenge for reporting on robbery

Crime reporter Francisco Gomes de Medeiros was killed on Monday 18 October when he was gunned down outside his home by an assailant on a motorcycle. Radio journalist and popular blogger Medeiros – who went by the pseudonym F. Gomes – was shot five times in the city of Caico, north-western Brazil at around 9.p.m […]

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