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IPI urges states in Qatar row to drop media demands

Saudi Arabia and three other Arab nations that have blockaded Qatar and cut diplomatic relations over accusations that it supports terrorism should drop demands that it close Doha-based news network Al Jazeera and other media outlets, the International Press Institute (IPI) said today. Earlier today, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt agreed […]

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#MemberComment: the bid to shutter Al Jazeera

The demand by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt that Qatar shutter Al Jazeera, as well as other media outlets, as conditions for ending their ongoing blockade of the Gulf nation represents a bid to demonize journalism that should be opposed, IPI Executive Board Member Daoud Kuttab wrote last week. In an […]

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NU-Q and ‘Media Use in the Middle East’

Since 2013, Northwestern University Qatar (NU-Q) has published its annual report “Media Use in the Middle East” to provide a useful and easy-to-access source for systematic data analysing and monitoring media use and attitudes in the Middle East. Ahead of the release of the 2017 survey this spring, look back at last year’s report to […]

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IPI urges UAE to release Jordanian journalist

The International Press Institute (IPI) today called on the United Arab Emirates to release a Jordanian journalist who has been detained for eight-and-a-half months, reportedly without charge. Tayseer al-Najjar, who works as culture reporter for the Emirates-based newspaper Dar, was prevented from flying to Jordan in December and then detained on Dec. 13. He was […]

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