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Mass journalist arrests in Uganda highlight long-term crackdown on press freedom

The International Press Institute (IPI), a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists for press freedom, today expressed serious concern at the recent mass arrests, assaults and use of teargas against journalists peacefully protesting recent police brutality in Uganda. On Monday, November 4, over twenty journalists from different media unions and organisations were detained […]

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Uganda journalists in firing line amid political unrest

Read this article in full-page format Last month, Uganda found itself thrust into the international spotlight, first by the arrest of prominent opposition figure and musician Bobi Wine – and then by multiple, shocking attacks on journalists covering the resulting political turmoil. Those attacks were widely condemned internationally, but in interviews with the International Press Institute (IPI), Ugandan journalists […]

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Ugandan journalist allegedly shot at by police

IPI condemns the alleged attack on a photojournalist working for the Daily Monitor newspaper in Uganda. The reporter was allegedly shot at by a police officer while covering an opposition demonstration in Kampala, according to a first-person account in the newspaper and a report from the Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda). Isaac Kasamani was […]

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Uganda journalist says anti-gay law denies rights of expression, privacy

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s approval of a harsh Anti-Homosexuality Law has stirred considerable attention, including a rebuke from top United Nations’ officials and an array of human rights groups. But for veteran Ugandan journalist Peterson S. Ssendi, the government’s campaign against homosexuals is nothing new. A decade ago, when Ssendi was working at Radio Simba […]

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