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IPI adds Caribbean defamation laws to online database

Detailed information in defamation laws in 15 Caribbean countries in now included in the International Press Institute’s (IPI) online media laws database. The information reflects data collected by IPI over the course of a campaign it launched in April 2012 together with the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) to reform defamation law in the Caribbean. […]

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ACM passes resolutions on impunity, media self-regulation

The need to combat impunity and the importance of media self-regulation were the guiding themes in a pair of resolutions approved this weekend by the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM), an IPI strategic partner. Gathered in Trinidad and Tobago for the organisation’s biennial General Assembly, ACM members representing 11 countries called on regional governments to […]

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IPI Special Report: Criminal defamation laws remain widespread in the Caribbean

Where in the Caribbean can journalists be sent to prison for doing their job? The answer: Everywhere. A comprehensive legal review conducted by the International Press Institute (IPI) confirmed that every independent state considered geographically or culturally part of the Caribbean maintains some form of criminal defamation that could result in imprisonment.   Of those 16 […]

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OP-ED: Criminal defamation laws in the Caribbean are ripe for repeal

Early this year, Dominican journalist Johnny Alberto Salazar was sentenced to six months in jail for slander and libel. The charges stemmed from Salazar’s on-air comments accusing Pedro Baldera, a local Human Rights Committee official, of “protecting delinquents and people linked to organised crime.” Salazar, an elected council member and well-known local gadfly, said prior […]

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