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IPI condemns convictions of two journalists in Niger

<strong>The IPI global network strongly condemns the convictions of two investigative journalists in Niger for reposting an international organization’s report. IPI urges the Niger government to urgently reform the country’s cyber crime law to prevent it from being misused against the press.</strong> On January 3, the High Court in Niamey, Niger, <a href=””>convicted</a> two Nigerien […]

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Nigerian journalism remains vibrant, despite challenges

This interview is part of IPI’s series profiling our 10 new Executive Board members. Nigerian journalist Raheem Adedoyin was recently elected as a member of IPI’s global Executive Board. During his career, he worked at Nigeria’s The Guardian newspaper and later at The Herald as editor-in-chief/chief executive and at Kwara State Television Service as chairman. […]

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#IPIWoCo recap: Global lessons for local news

  Earlier this year, IPI published a report that found local news is the most disrupted sector of the media, but is also the sector with the greatest potential to form the bedrock for a new media ecosystem. The IPI World Congress session “Strategies: Think globally, report locally” brought industry veterans and emerging talent together […]

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#IPIWoCo recap: Reader-funded models help beat back repression

  You’re under attack from the government, but the business has to go on. How does that work? At the 2021 #IPIWoCo, four editors from Turkey, Hungary, India, and Nigeria discussed modelling the business under repression. Running a critical and well-functioning news outlet costs money, but installing and maintaining a successful business model can be […]

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