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Jordan: Two journalists detained under cybercrime law

Following the detention of two journalists on cybercrimes charges, the IPI global network urges Jordanian authorities to immediately cease the harassment of the media. The country’s cybercrime law should urgently be revised to ensure it can no longer be used to restrict the work of the press. The recent detention of two journalists at the […]

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Etaf Roudan: Journalism has given me the tools to empower women

“The great majority of woman journalists in Jordan has suffered from different types of attacks or other obstacles”, IPI Executive Board member Etaf Roudan said in an interview with IPI on January 17. Roudan, who is also the director of Radio Al-Balad in Jordan, explains that in a conservative society like Jordan it is much […]

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Case Study: Radio Al Balad (Jordan)

Local Journalism Project Case Study: Radio Al Balad (Jordan)   The backstory: Radio Al Balad was launched as AmmanNet radio in 2000 with online audio reports, news bulletins, and a variety of programming. It began broadcasting terrestrially in the Amman metropolitan area in 2005 after the King issued a temporary law authorizing terrestrial broadcasts. Known as […]

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Jordan: Lèse-majesté pardon should pave way for larger decriminalization of free speech

The IPI global network of journalists, editors and executives for independent journalism welcomed the move by King Abdullah of Jordan to pardon those convicted of lèse-majesté, the crime of insulting the king. However, IPI also called on Jordan to repeal the law altogether and so end the chilling effect on journalism of a law often […]

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