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Italy: Hostility toward press freedom on the rise

While it is seldom discussed in international fora, press freedom in Italy has recently come under growing attack. Systemic obstacles that have challenged Italian journalism for decades have become ever more concerning as a consequence of both the economic crisis that has been affecting Italy for over a decade, as well as political developments that have generated […]

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Giornalista italiana vede un peggioramento della libertà di stampa nel paese

Read in English Nel corso di una ricerca dell’International Press Institute (IPI) di Vienna sulla libertà di stampa e le minacce ai cronisti in Italia, Giulia Shaughnessy, collaboratrice dell’IPI, ha parlato con la giornalista Marilù Mastrogiovanni, fondatrice e direttora della testata Il Tacco D’Italia, specializzata in giornalismo investigativo. Per molti anni, Mastrogiovanni ha ricevuto minacce, anche […]

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Interview: Italy’s ‘worsening climate of hate’ toward journalists

Leggi questo articolo in Italiano As part of the International Press Institute (IPI)’s ongoing monitoring of press freedom in Italy, IPI contributor Giulia Shaughnessy spoke with Marilù Mastrogiovanni, a prominent Italian journalist and founder and editor of the newspaper Il Tacco D’Italia, founded in Lecce, Italy. Mastrogiovanni has been the recipient of growing attacks, including […]

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Italy fails to swiftly respond to police assault on journalist

Almost a month after Italian journalist Stefano Origone was brutally beaten by police in Genoa, investigations into the incident appear to be stalling, while information about it remains classified. Origone, a Genoa-based journalist with the daily La Repubblica, was covering an antifascist protest on May 23 when half a dozen policemen rushed toward him, pushed […]

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