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Pandemic exacerbates repression of independent journalism in Cuba

After six decades of Fidel Castro’s authoritarian rule, Cuban authorities are still persecuting independent journalists, maintaining a media monopoly and controlling information. While the country has opened to up to greater international engagement in recent years, critical journalists are still routinely subjected to intimidation, arbitrary detentions, travel restrictions, physical attacks, threats, and raids on their […]

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En peligro la existencia de la CIDH por falta de financiación

Read this statement in English. El Instituto Internacional de la Prensa (IPI, por sus siglas en inglés), escritores y miembros de la red de Intercambio Internacional por la Libertad de Expresión (IFEX) instan a todos los estados miembros, observadores permanentes y otros donantes potenciales de la OEA a que reconsideren su falta de apoyo económico […]

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IPI adds Caribbean defamation laws to online database

Detailed information in defamation laws in 15 Caribbean countries in now included in the International Press Institute’s (IPI) online media laws database. The information reflects data collected by IPI over the course of a campaign it launched in April 2012 together with the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers (ACM) to reform defamation law in the Caribbean. […]

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2013: A look back at journalists in the dock

Freedom of the press came under threat in 2013 in ways – and in some countries – that would have seemed inconceivable when the year began. As the International Press Institute (IPI) today launches its “World Press Freedom Review”, highlighting press freedom violations over the past two years, one sobering development in 2013 was the […]

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