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WPFD 2021: Attacks on press freedom growing bolder amid rising authoritarianism

Authoritarian and illiberal-minded regimes are becoming increasingly emboldened in their efforts to stifle independent media, the International Press Institute (IPI) warned ahead of World Press Freedom Day 2021. Brutal crackdowns on the press are unfolding openly across the globe. After seizing power in a coup on February 1, Myanmar’s military junta has arrested more than […]

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Over 600 COVID-19 related press freedom violations in past year

A little more than one year after the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, IPI data show the extent to which media outlets and journalists have faced harassment and attacks while doing their jobs in reporting on the unprecedented health crisis. Since February 5, 2020, IPI’s COVID-19 Press Freedom Tracker has recorded 620 press freedom […]

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Press freedom in Spain in 2020: Coronavirus and five years of the ‘gag laws’

2020 has been, once again, a bad year for freedom of information in Spain: not only has there been no relevant legislative progress, despite the change of government, but serious incidents have also occurred. The coronavirus pandemic has had, also in this country, a negative impact on press freedom, mainly due to the very serious […]

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Jordan arrests journalist for reporting about COVID-19 vaccine

The International Press Institute (IPI), a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists for press freedom, today strongly condemned the arrest of Jordanian journalist Jamal Haddad and demanded his immediate release. Haddad, editor of the news website Al-Wakaai, was arrested on December 24, on the orders of the state security court prosecutor, for […]

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