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Rush to pass ‘fake news’ laws during Covid-19 intensifying global media freedom challenges

By IPI Advocacy Officer Jamie Wiseman Few terms have become so engrained in global political discourse in the last half decade than that of so-called “fake news.” The widely used yet ill-defined phrase has become a messy shorthand enveloping everything from social media rumours, to online political disinformation, to state-sponsored internet propaganda. With vastly different […]

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Right to information suffers further in Romania during pandemic

In Romania, the right to access information is often an intricate affair for journalists and citizens alike. Testimonies written in the Bucharest and regional-based press depict arbitrary refusals from authorities to release the requested data, unjustified delays and convoluted bureaucratic procedures that often end up in court. The implications for fair and timely reporting are immense […]

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As pandemic grows, Slovak media struggle to fight the infodemic

Slovak mainstream media have stood at the forefront of public education about the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic this year. With disinformation campaigns growing and pandemic getting worse, however, the media also face new challenges in their quest of protecting the truth. On September 27, a few weeks after the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic […]

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Covid-19 lays bare precarious working conditions of Croatian journalists

In mid-March, when the number of coronavirus cases started rising across Europe, Croatia reacted swiftly by imposing restrictive measures: the national state of emergency was declared on March 13, and all non-essential businesses closed on March 19. Journalists were among the essential workers who continued going to work every day, exposing themselves and their families […]

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