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IPI welcomes announcement of Bermuda Media Council members

The International Press Institute (IPI) offers its congratulations to the media in Bermuda on the announcement of the members of the self-regulatory, independent media council. In October this year, the media community in Bermuda announced that lawyer Christian Luthi would head the eight-member council, which was selected by a three-person committee. The council is expected […]

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Bermudan government puts restrictive draft media council bill on hold, promises to review media proposal for independent council

The Bermudan government has said it will withdraw a worrying draft bill that would have required the establishment of a statutory media council in the country, and included several provisions which were detrimental to press freedom, if the media fulfils its promise to set up a voluntary council, Premier Ewart Brown told members of parliament on […]

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Media in Bermuda announce plans for self-regulatory media council

The media in Bermuda today announced their decision to set up a self-regulated media council in the country by 14 September, 2010. The decision was announced in a joint statement which also highlighted a commitment by the media to jointly sign and adopt a Code of Practice by 8 June 2010. The International Press Institute (IPI) welcomes […]

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Flawed Bermudan media bill infringes on press freedom

The Bermudan government has drafted a controversial media bill that appears to have more in common with the media legislation of some of the repressive governments in Latin America, than with the First Amendment tradition of one of its close trading partners, the United States. Speaking on 6 May 2010, Bermudan Premier Ewart Brown announced […]

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