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Council of Europe Report: Red lights flashing for media freedom

The International Press Institute (IPI) today joins the partner organisations of the Council of Europe’s Platform to Promote the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists in publishing the 2022 annual report, which identifies growing challenges for media freedom across the region. While European countries still pack the first ranks in press freedom indexes, the […]

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UK: IPI demands investigation into journalist held under Counter Terrorism Act

In a letter to the UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, IPI joins four other media organizations in demanding an investigation into why Martin Banks, a British journalist based in Brussels, was held and interrogated for six hours by UK border guards about his journalism under the UK’s Counter Terrorism and Border Security Act.   According […]

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Monitoring Report: Increasing Pressures on Media Freedom in Europe in 2021

Attacked while covering demonstrations, harassed online for reporting on COVID-19 and measures to fight it, or sued by private companies trying to avoid publication of damaging information. These are just some examples of the threats received by journalists and media workers in Europe in 2021. Today the International Press Institute (IPI) joins its partners in […]

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Belgian film #FatUglySlut zeroes in on online abuse against women

Some of the women journalists whom IPI has interviewed over the years have said that one way to get some distance to the online misogyny they faced was to take it as a subject of analysis for their work. Azerbaijani journalist Arzu Geybulleva, for example, reported on the troll armies that directed their hatred against […]

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