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How Finland’s biggest newspaper is helping Hungarian independent media Telex

In July 2020 the editor-in-chief of, Hungary’s largest and most influential independent news website, was fired after going public over concerns about political meddling in the newspaper. In the wake of the sacking, the outlet’s entire editorial board and some 80 other journalists resigned in protest, saying a red line had been crossed. The […]

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Combating online violence against journalists in ‘world’s happiest country’

Struck by his own experience in dealing face-to-face with his own harasser, Sami Koivisto, head of audience dialogue at the Finnish public broadcaster Yle, used this ordeal in developing a company guide on how to address online abuse on social media. In a detailed and intense article, Koivisto recounted his personal experience of the mediation […]

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Finland sets precedent in sentencing journalists’ harassers

Despite working in a country that routinely tops press freedom rankings, Finnish journalists increasingly face a new threat to press freedom: online harassment. And until recently in the country, harassment campaigns against journalists had largely gone unpunished. The year 2018, however, saw a positive shift, with courts handing down convictions for abusive online attacks and […]

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VIDEO: Online abuse of women journalists ‘already gone too far’

Online harassment of women in journalists in Finland has already gone too far, Johanna Vehkoo, a journalist and the author of a recent book on online misogyny called The Internet of Hate and Loathing, says in a new video interview with the International Press Institute. The book collects the stories of several women in different […]

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