Latest Events from Syria

#IPIWoCo: When journalists seek refuge

Hundreds of journalists have been forced into exile, escaping war, destruction, attacks and death threats; many of them choose Germany as their second home. Exiled from their homelands they face numerous obstacles (bureaucracy, language barriers, lack of social capital, cultural differences, unemployment, etc.) How can exiled journalists contribute to the news and serve the public […]

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IPI World Congress honours Syrian, Mexican journalists

“Freedom of expression and its defence is a duty, and defending it with words is a form of resistance”, the wife of imprisoned Syrian lawyer and activist Mazen Darwish told attendees of the International Press Institute (IPI)’s 2015 World Congress in Myanmar yesterday as she accepted IPI’s 2015 World Press Freedom Hero Award on his […]

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Address by Yara Bader, on behalf of Mazen Darwish

Ladies and gentlemen, I will start with some words published by Mazen Darwish in 2007. “Today we can’t talk about concepts like democracy or transparency or pluralism without talking about the freedom of the media. Despite the attempts by some to separate the two, it is impossible to have genuine and complete democratic reform in […]

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Covering Syria – Who to Trust?

With at least 31 journalists and citizen reporters killed in 2012, and another four killed so far this year, Syria has become the most dangerous country in the world for journalists. Few foreign correspondents are permitted to enter Syria legally, forcing them to slip into the country and operate covertly under perilous conditions. How can […]

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