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MFRR in Focus: UN Special Rapporteur on media freedom in Hungary ahead of election

 Also available on With a general election in Hungary just days away, the newest episode of the MFRR In Focus podcast series examines how the ruling Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has used its influence over the country’s media ecosystem to skew the playing field in its favour and control the message […]

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Podcast: Will spying on journalists be the ‘new normal’?

What the journalistic community has long suspected – that surveillance of reportersis much more widespread than could be proven – became reality when Forbidden Stories and 16 other international news organisations released The Pegasus Project.  Based on leaked information, the story revealed that over 180 journalists were listed as suspected targets of phone hacking using […]

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IPI Podcast: Radio silence as independent Hungarian broadcaster kicked off airwaves

At midnight on February 14, one of Hungary’s last major independent radio stations, Klubrádió, fell silent on the frequency on which it had broadcast for 20 years. The silencing of the critical broadcaster comes after a court in Budapest sided with the government-controlled Hungarian Media Council and approved its decision to refuse to renew Klubrádió’s […]

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