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Austrian official: Enforce existing law to combat online abuse

“A threat to democracy” is how Austrian State Secretary for Diversity, Public Service and Digitalization Muna Duzdar defines violence and abusive behaviour on the Internet. In an interview with the International Press Institute (IPI), Duzdar states that although online hate has long been present, the phenomenon is now attracting increased attention from technology companies and […]

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Media needs guidelines to counter online abuse

“Three-quarters of a year ago we issued a directive to report everything that is even remotely illegal,” Stefan Kaltenbrunner, editor-in-chief of Austrian daily Kurier, said in an interview with IPI when asked how his newspaper counters verbal abuse and threats against its journalists. He confirmed that Kurier had already reported 40 to 50 comments to […]

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Austria’s far right targets critics with online aggression

Journalist Ingrid Brodnig of Austria’s Profil recently told the International Press Institute (IPI) that right-wing politicians in her country have turned to the online sphere to try to control the political narrative following claims of disparagement by the so-called “Lügenpresse” (“lying press”). Brodnig, who authored the book “Hass im Netz” (“Online Hate”), said that the […]

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IPI launches ‘Voices Against Online Harassment’ series

Following its launch last week of the first database on online harassment against journalists, the International Press Institute (IPI) today published “Voices against Online Harassment”, a series of video interviews with journalists targeted by abuse and threats online, and with experts on the matter. “The goal of this project is to raise awareness on an […]

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