From Dec. 1 to 4, the IACC Council and Transparency International held the 17th IACC , the world’s largest annual anti-corruption conference, in Panama City.

IPI Executive Director Barbara Trionfi moderated the panel discussion “The Panama Papers, Nine Months On” on Dec. 1.  Together with Frederik Obermaier, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, Marina Walker, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), and Jake Bernstein, Author of “Secrecy World”, United States, this panel examined the Panama Papers affair by discussing the following topics:

  • The story from the beginning, by the journalist who decided to share the treasure.
  • Lessons and perspectives of global work.
  • The coordinator of the global research provides an overall review.
  • Can journalism no longer live without leaks?
  • A critical view from the journalist preparing a book about the experience.

The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is the world’s premier global forum for bringing together heads of state, civil society, the private sector and more to tackle the increasingly sophisticated challenges posed by corruption. Established in 1983, the IACC usually takes place every two years in a different region of the world, and hosts from 800 to 2000 participants from over 135 countries worldwide.

The IACC advances the anti-corruption agenda by raising awareness and stimulating debate. It fosters networking, cross-fertilisation and the global exchange of experience that are indispensable for effective advocacy and action on a global and national level. The conferences also promote international cooperation among governments, civil society, the private sector and citizens by providing the opportunity for face-to-face dialogue and direct engagement between representatives from the agencies and organisations taking part.