Nearly three dozen foreign and international editors from leading news agencies and print, broadcast and online news media organizations in the U.S. and Canada will gather on May 14, 2018, at the offices of The New York Times for a meeting of the International Press Institute (IPI) Foreign Editors’ Circle.

The meeting is being organized by IPI’s North American Committee in partnership with The Associated Press and The Ground Truth Project. It will be the sixth gathering of the Foreign Editors’ Circle, a forum begun by IPI in 2013 to provide a place for foreign editors from the U.S. and Canada to discuss common problems, issues of safety, and best practices for gathering international news. The most recent gathering, held at the Washington Post in May 2017, focused on the Trump administration’s effect on international relations and America’s place in the world.

Foreign editors from a range of major publications will be represented at the meeting, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Reuters, The Christian Science Monitor, The New Yorker, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Buzzfeed and CBS.

Guest speakers at the event include Diane Foley of the James Foley Legacy Foundation; the Oxford Internet Institute’s Nick Monaco, who will address the gathering on the threat of political bots and disinformation; and Dr. Anthony Feinstein of the University of Toronto, who will highlight new research on stress and safety issues for journalists in the field.