A special briefing with Australian editor Peter Fray and media expert Derek Wilding, moderated by IPI’s Jacqui Park and co-hosted by Presseclub Concordia’s Daniela Kraus.

News media have become intertwined with the big tech platforms. From search to news feeds, these platforms become the prime tool for distribution and discovery. The parallel disruption of the advertising industry has seen the platforms capture the cash flow that once supported media. 

So, what’s the right relationship between news media and big tech?  How should big tech support news media? How do we work together to end disinformation? How news media, governments and platforms in Australia (and many other countries) are looking for solutions? What are they finding? And what happens next?



Peter Fray, managing editor of Private Media,  Australia
Derek Wilding, Co-Director of the Centre for Media Transition (CMT), Australia
(see their bios below ↓)


Jacqui Park, Head of Network Strategy and Innovation, IPI
Daniela Kraus, Director, Presseclub Concordia, Austria


Speakers Bios:

Derek Wilding

Derek Wilding is based in the Faculty of Law at University of Technology Sydney where he is the Co-Director of the Centre for Media Transition (CMT).

He has worked in statutory and industry-based regulatory positions specialising in media and communications regulation, including as Executive Director of the Australian Press Council and manager of media ownership and control at the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

At CMT he led a research consultancy on the impact of digital platforms on news and journalism that was commissioned by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as an input to its Digital Platforms Inquiry. He led research for the Australian Communications and Media Authority in its policy work on impartiality and commercialisation and diversity and localism. He is also part of a team of researchers working on a three-year Australian Research Council funded project on media pluralism.

Derek is the president of the Australian chapter of the International Institute of Communications.

Peter Fray

Peter Fray is the managing editor of Private Media, an independent news media publishing house. He is the former editor in chief and publisher of the Sydney Morning Herald, editor of the SMH, the Canberra Times and the Sunday Age. In 2013, he started PolitiFact Australia, the country’s first stand alone fact checking site. He is also cofounder and former co director of the Centre for Media Transition at University of Technology Sydney.